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Natural Born Griller Vol 1

Where there’s smoke there’s flavour!

Natural Born Griller – We Grill Ibiza!

Alright then folks –between all the fancy restaurants, design
fashionistas and luxury stuff, we are here to hold up the flag for
some real down-to-earth food in the tradition of the true
Mediterranean. Welcome to the new Essentialibiza BBQ Blog –powered by
Flying Pig Ibiza – perfect villa, yacht & venue grill catering. We
are the Islands Specialists for ‘Giant Meat’ specialties in XXXL

Here’s where the fun starts.
Our mission is to show you a simple and easy way to celebrate like the
locals do. That’s much more than combining the most important three food
groups of mankind for the last couple of thousand years – meat group,
potato group and beer group. We will guide you through the wonderful
world of taste, flavour and fire. Be brave and hang on…

It’s summertime in Ibiza and there is nothing like being with friends
with a great tasty BBQ, fresh crisp salads some simple homemade dips and
lots of ice cold beer or even wine to enjoy. Loud laughter, music and
stories to tell from the past and the present. You might realize that
really not much has changed in all those centuries since we all wore fur
and lived in caves! Hanging around the fireplace and doing all this
funny stuff sits deep in our genes and you can be proud to be surrounded
by a large group of people you can call your real friends who share the
food, stories and time with you. To me as the Hogman Ibiza – this is
what makes a great party!

But how does it work?
Lets set up a long table – fill it with all the locally produced food
for appetizer such as olives, cheese, fresh pan payes (yes the strange
hard unsalted bread you never buy in the store ) aioli, dried ham,
tomatoes and peppers, wine and whatever you find in your own or somebody
else’s garden. You also can go to the local markets and ask for all this
– you will get an idea of what’s authentic for this region, make
contacts, shake hands – invite them to your fiesta maybe? Ibicencos are
mostly relaxed people – they know that time is on their side. They have
actually seen so many people come and go, from the Phoenicians, Greeks,
bBrbarians, Romans and now us, the northern Europeans… but they also
love a great BBQ – tell them and they will come for sure!

The Mediterranean people mostly don’t go for dinner, they actually
really celebrate their fiestas, they invite family and friends, they
take their time to enjoy, to chat and to sing on a night like that.
Being here on this tiny island you can experience this special lifestyle
by doing exactly that. After lots of starters, good wine or cold beer,
it’s time to start the real food – it’s always something to share for
everyone – something delicious, something BIG. Hog Roast or what the
Ibicencos call ‘cochinillo’ has a long tradition on this island. You
will be overwhelmed by the aroma of fresh herbs and spices even more
than just salt and pepper – smell sage, rosemary, lemon, wild garlic,
dried tomatoes – these are the aromas of Ibiza. Somebody (mostly one of
the older , more responsible) has to be the grill sergeant and carve the
meat and bring it on big platters, combined with local salads, veggies
and of course the great red Ibizan roasted potatoes – that night you
will taste the island and you will probably realise that you are
actually here! Just for that night, forget your great looking Swiss
watch, your fine Italian shoes and yes your Japanese chopsticks – they
definitely have a place in this world but at this moment, surrounded by
your friends and family, tasting and smelling authentic Ibiza, it is far
from here.

Before we go to discover the secrets of a perfect BBQ lets see what the
Flying Pig Ibiza Crew did last weekend at the opening of one of the
finest Island Beach Clubs – Amante. We had been asked to feed hundreds
of hungry party people at their season start 2013. And yes we all had a
ball! As you can see there was a 45 kg Hog Roast – and by the end of the
night everything was gone! Like always – nothing left! Our brave grill
sergeant Matt carved all night long and hundreds over hundreds of fluffy
warm peeta breads were stuffed with delicious, juicy, tender grilled Hog
Roast including the wonderful cracklings of course. A self service
condiment buffet offered a huge variety of different toppings from hot
n’ spicy Mexican chipotle over dried crisp sweet onions to roasted
garlic dip. Classic Ceasars salad and fresh crisp ruccola with fresh
grated parmesan cheese – simple, fresh and tasty.
Does this look yummy? If your answer is yes – then stay tuned for the
next issue of Natural Born Grillers – We Grill Ibiza!

Don’t wanna wait till the next blog?
Wanna throw a party like that yourself shortly?
Well then, check out our online store where you can find everything you
need, it’s as simple as CLICK-CLICK-PARTY!

Also very important to get the music right for your BBQ, check out the
Hogman’s playlist and have fun listening!