Natural Born Griller Heads Out To Sea!

    Ibiza Love Boat Charter powered by Flying Pig Ibiza Catering
    a-lee, Hard a-lee”, the ‘Natural Born Griller’ goes onboard!
 Spring is
    nearly over and the island takes a deep breath for a new upcoming season.
    New and innovative people are arriving and everyone is planning, painting
    and building as if there is no tomorrow. It’s all for a good reason,
    summer 2014 will be exciting and Ibiza presents itself as one of Europe’s
    top destinations. Now – how does this all have to do with the Natural born
    Griller? Answer? Basically NOTHING! This time round, Hogman does not tell
    you how to cook or grill a fantastic meal, if you are smart you will get
    as many invitations to Season Openings , Grand Openings and anniversary
    parties in May and June so you don’t need to cook, just eat fantastic food
    and make new friends!


    One of those parties is coming up soon! It will be the official maiden
    voyage of IBIZA LOVE BOAT – the islands most romantic escape! As you all
    know, Flying Pig Ibiza Catering holds up the flag for the local and
    authentic concepts in catering. We have been on Super Yachts as big as the
    USS Enterprise, serving Japanese sushi, French champagne, Russian caviar
    and Canadian lobsters – but to be honest, the heart was always looking for
    something authentic and unique, something that lets our soul travel to
    this white island and finally welcomes us here. A real welcome! On our
    journey to what fills this gap we now can proudly present the final
    result, IBIZA LOVE BOAT – the islands most romantic escape.


    Explore how BIG this small island is, by slowing and downsizing your pace
    and perspective. Ibiza Love Boat will take you back to simplicity, back to
    privacy and back to the Ibiza island it was 50 years ago. All of our
    wooden handmade Boats are historic and full of stories to tell. We will
    wait for you on a shore; the LOVE BOAT will be perfectly equipped. A big
    box full of local food specialties, wine and cheese to taste the island,
    music and comfy bean bags and cushions for a memorable day out. Lets set
    sails and cruise Ibiza waters; there are various tours to choose from, but
    the very best, after reaching your destination (remote spot/ cove) the
    skipper will leave the boat and your privacy will be guaranteed – even in
    high season! A walkie talkie calls him back – only you decide when. If you
    plan a very special moment, if you are ready for the most romantic
    proposal ever, or just explore the authentic side of this beautiful
    island, IBIZA LOVE BOAT will make it a day to remember. From Honeymoon
    couples to whole families, IBIZA LOVE BOAT has a fleet of various sizes
    and can accommodate up to 12 guests per boat. IBIZA LOVE BOAT – the
    islands most romantic escape. 100% Ibiza – 100% authentic – 100% YOU! Pick
    your escape and go onboard ! IBIZA LOVE BOAT is powered by Flying Pig
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