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    Manual Resistance and Stretching

    At Essentialibiza we like to think that we go the extra mile to make
    sure you get the very best information available about Ibiza, keeping
    you up to date with the clubs, beaches, restaurants, hotels and
    everything you need to make sure you get the very best from your
    island experience, no matter what it may be. We understand that many
    of you like to keep in shape, even when you are on vacation, with that
    in mind, we have signed up with
    Tim Gold Fitness, and agreed to
    undergo some strenuous training on your behalf, to give you an idea of
    what awaits you with two of the island’s finest personal trainers, Tim
    and Leon Gold. The next few weeks will see a series of blogs and
    features, giving you an insight into the true world of personal
    training. First up, Tim takes us through one of their popular
    sessions, manual resistance and stretching…

    What kind of image do you have when thinking of Personal Training? Do
    you think it is really ‘personal’ or is it just a human counting device?
    Well this might be the sad truth with the majority of personal training
    experiences. Professional trainers worldwide are able to use a
    sophisticated training technique that makes you independent from gyms
    and is truly “personal” as well as highly effective. The technique we
    are talking about is called ‘Manual Resistance’ when it comes to
    strength building and ‘Active Assisted Stretching’ in case you want to
    improve flexibility. You simply need a mat, 2 towels and a swiss ball.
    Sounds hard to believe? Carry on reading…

    Every group of muscles can be worked without gym machines. Basically the
    dynamic resistance workout you need for appropriate strength building
    comes from the trainer himself. He provides resistance either directly
    on your limbs or indirectly with towels comparable to a cable system.
    There are several big advantages, which makes this training superior to
    other methods.

    The resistance can always be adjusted to the subjects need, eg, at the
    excentric movement by releasing a muscle everyone is able to do 30% more
    power than at the opposite movement. Thus resistance is altered in
    different phases to make exercising more intense. Less sets or
    repetitions lead to better results. It also enables a more direct
    interaction between trainer and client always ready to push it a little
    more or to let you stay at your individual handicap. Exercising can be a
    great playful personal experience like this.

    The ‘human gym’ method provides more than 40 exercises targeting the
    whole body. In addition to that the ‘Active Assisted Stretching’
    programme at the end of each training session sees the unpleasant become
    likable. For most people, stretching or flexibility work is at the end
    of their fitness list, even though it is very important to prevent all
    kind of orthopedic issues. To make it easier to connect yourself to
    stretching, the active method done by the personal trainer is the best
    choice you could get. Simply lie down and let yourself being stretched –
    it also hurts slightly sometimes but here you cannot quit. Imbalances
    can be noticed and sorted out quickly.

    That overall very Personal Training experience is available on Ibiza for
    almost a year now exclusively with us. Tempted now? –
    Contact us
    and we can arrange a free trial session to let you feel what
    distinguishes us from other ‘So-Called-PTs’ – timGold stands for
    world-class private fitness – always above expectations.