Living In The Moment

So February has flurried in – quite literally! With snow flurries all
over Ibiza the first week of February… And it even settling in places!
Whilst it may not be time to get your snowboard and salopettes out quite
yet, it does show us that life is full of surprises!

Whilst modern life conditions us to plan for the future, the fact of the
matter is that the only constant is change. Living in the moment (or
Mindfulness as it is known in Buddhist philosophy) encourages us to live
on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgementally. This doesn’t mean
spending hours contemplating your navel, it simply means becoming more
aware of what you are doing: simply feeling more, thinking less.

We live in a society that suffers from ‘time poverty’ so ‘hurry sickness’
is rife. We fantasise about going on holiday and what we are going to do
when we get there. And when we go on holiday, we worry about work and what
we’re not doing there. We dwell on past mistakes and worry about problems
of the future. Non-judgmental awareness offers an assortment of benefits
including stress reduction, boosting the immune function, reduction of
chronic pain, lowering blood pressure and reduction of the risk of heart
disease, even helping patients to cope with cancer. Mindfulness may even
slow the progression of HIV.

People who live ‘Mindfully’ are happier, more confident, and can empathise
better. They are also more accepting – of themselves and others. They have
better relationships, cope better with negativity and have less bad
habits. Mindfulness is the core of Buddhism, Taoism, Yoga and many
Native-American traditions.

Simply put, if you’re not in the moment, then you’re not there to know
that you’re not there. It takes practice to awaken to the present moment.
And intention. Give it a try… if not, you will never know the happiness
of a moment until it becomes a memory. Enjoy every moment.

Wishing you a great February and Essential Health and Happiness
Emma PranaSol