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Alright then folks –between all the fancy restaurants, design fashionistas
and luxury stuff, we are here to hold up the flag for some real
down-to-earth food in the tradition of the true Mediterranean. Welcome to
the new Essentialibiza BBQ Blog –powered by Flying Pig Ibiza – perfect
villa, yacht and venue grill catering. We are the Islands Specialists for
‘Giant Meat’ specialists in XXXL.

Some of you might have asked; is the Hogman still there? Yes he is for
sure! It’s the end of July and it’s time for a new BBQ blog, the theme
this time is ‘High on Hog!’ Powered by FLYING PIG IBIZA CATERING’ As we
are heading through the peak of the season you can all see thousands of
small smoking fires all over this tiny island and that can only mean one
thing – summer BBQ season is on. Most people think that putting a piece of
meat, poultry or something else on a hot grill can be called BBQ, to be
honest that’s an old myth! This time The Natural Born Griller shows you
how easy it is to prepare a fantastic fresh and tasty BBQ in a few steps.
Ok lets begin with the basics…

One of the secrets of a great BBQ is the sauce, this liquid wonder is very
easy to make and it varies on your own taste. One of my favorite is the
WHITE TRASH BBQ SAUCE for 10 hungry cowboys; just mix the following
(perfectly done with a blender).
500 ml bottle of ketchup, 250 ml cola (rest from a bottle is just fine),
cracked black pepper corn, salt, fresh garlic (peeled and mashed) and
lemon juice.

This is a simple one, don’t buy your meat, whatever your choice is, in a
plastic wrapped package from the supermarket. There are numerous great
butchers on the island and they are cheaper than the supermarket and you
can also ask them to slice your portions, giving you a decent, finger
thick steak to cook. Don’t be afraid of fat, it actually carries the taste
and gives your BBQ the full 100% flavour, if there are real fat haters at
the party, they can always cut it off after it has been cooked.

No, you don’t need any special equipment and yes a simple grid will also
work if you do it right.

Divide your fire (charcoal) in two sectors…
Real hot (glowing charcoal)
Low temperature (less charcoal)

You can buy these little wooden chips in Ibiza or in any fishing shop. If
you have a grill with a hood – congratulations but any other grill
sergeants need a big flat metal pot, works the same I promise! Take your
wood chips and water them until they are soaked (30 minutes), alright
folks, now we are ready to rock n roll.

Take 50% of the BBQ sauce and use it as marinade (this means place your
steaks in the sauce in layers like this; sauce – meat – sauce) and keep it
cool for around 6 hours, for the other 50% in the pot you’ll need a normal
size brush. Ladies and Gentlemen, start firing your charcoal grill (almost
1 our before the dinner). After 30 /40 minutes the grill should be ready
and please remember the two zones hot and cold. (See Heat Zones)

Put your marinated steaks on the Hot Zone (hear the sizzle) for 5 minutes
each side until they are really brown and show
the black grill marks. Keep on brushing your meat/ poultry with your
wonderful marinade (both sides) smell the aroma and feel like KING KONG at
the Grill! Now it’s the time to send them to the Cold Zone and throw your
soaked wood chips into the fire – yes into the fire! Close the lid and or
for the other folks with the basic version put the big pot upside down to
catch the smoke. Leave it like this for almost 10 minutes and watch the
neighbors as they will act like ZOMBIES – HA! Aromaaaaaaaaa! Now this is a
real BBQ and you did it all yourself with no stress.

In those 10 minutes you can easily drop some fresh corn on a cob in
boiling salted water and put out some salted butter (mantequila con sal)
and /or do your own chopped salad with all the local lettuce, tomatoes,
cucumbers and herbs. Add fresh baguettes and some dips and you’re done!
Time to have some more wine, beer or sangria.

I really love homemade lemonade from a jug, here in Ibiza you find lemons
on nearly every second tree – slice them add some sugar and peppermint and
a little salt (YES!) – fill up with water and ice cubes. The look is great
and the taste is even better – no one will ask for the usual industry
stuff like cola, sprite etc…

Call everyone to the table – by this time you’ve already put out your
salads, appetizers, olives, cheeses, ham, grapes, figs and dips, glasses
filled with water and wine and your candles. When everybody has sat around
the table, it is time to open the lid (or lift the lid off the pot) and
sen your BBQ to the serving plates around the table along woth the
steaming corn and salad etc.

To score extra BBQ points just chop up some fresh local herbs such as
chives, thyme, rosemary, parsley and put those on the meat, you can’t get
any better than that! If you followed the steps you should hear a loud
aaaaaaaaaaah from around your table, if not, invite other people next time
and try again. Oink!

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