Go out and spread love

(Ibiza, through the eyes of the barefoot Doctor.)

Flew to London for a couple of days for a reality check, to give a talk,
spread the love and have a bit of urban fun – and on the plane back, found
myself surrounded by a noisy gaggle of San Antonio bound superannuated
rave monkeys on the rampage, but managed to see the Buddha in them and
they magically started talking a language far more resembling English as
we know it.

That’s how you shift external reality by seeing it differently.

For me, the view from here is sophisticated Ibiza for the world’s more
discerning aficionados of conscious hedonism, and I’d clean forgotten
about the Ibiza Uncovered brigade – I’d assumed they’d become extinct or
were languishing in a home for old clichés somewhere on England’s south

Meanwhile the island is hopping with energy it hardly knows what to do
with right now as the explosion of excitement gathers momentum in the
sacred ground beneath our feet. Talking subtexts though, I venture what’s
going on beneath the surface of all the glitz bubbling up ready to spew
its fairy dust all over the summer season, is a growing, spreading sense,
at the subliminal level, that when you go out with an intention to
contribute joy to one and all rather than egoistically focusing on what
you can gain, karma awards you greater gain by return.

And while on your nocturnal joy-spreading escapades, if you’ve a mind for
naturally induced altered states, do check out Atzaro every Tuesday night
from July 6 till August 31, as Hofer66 and I will be performing our
fabled, mind-altering, mood-improving DANCEFLOOR MEDITATION there –
probably the most powerful form of subliminal hypnosis set to psychosonic
beats in the world.

Meanwhile play with that notion of contributing joy, in the quieter
recesses of your heart and mind for a while and keep tuning in here, as
I’ll be back with more left-field observations from the coalface of the
world’s party capitol faster than a speeding bullet.

With love and wishes for a mad time, Barefoot Doctor