Get In Touch With Your Senses

Touch. One of the five senses. Arguably the sense we take most for
granted. Touch is not only a sense, but along with food and shelter, it is
a basic human necessity. Without it, we do no exist. It is unfortunate
that our society has become increasingly guarded due to the overload of
negative touch, but the benefits of positive touch to health, and healing,
are unparalleled: touch can relax, comfort and reassure. Physically
touching can relieve pain as it increases the amount of immune cells in
the body. Emotionally, and mentally, it can relieve stress and anxiety,
reduce depression as well as having positive and uplifting affects on
behaviour and moods.

Massage treatment, only as recently as a few decades ago, was considered a
natural and normal part of medicine. Nowadays massage is viewed as more of
a luxury rather than a necessary part of wellness and healing. In many
parts of Asia, massage is considered a part of everyday life, and baby
massage time is just as important as baby’s sleep, bath and feeding time.

Touch is a baby’s first, and most important, teacher. Babies need touch to
survive and grow. This need remains with us throughout our lives. Studies
show that a baby’s ability to thrive, especially a premature baby, is
directly connected with the amount they are touched, held and mothered, so
much so that clinical studies have shown that babies were able to thrive
when all other medical possibilities had been exhausted.

Just a few minutes massaging your baby each day can help baby become
calmer and happier, with a healthier immune system as massage releases
endorphins, those ‘feel good’ hormones that help us all reduce stress.
Baby massage could also make your child smarter: as well as stimulating
your baby’s nervous system and encouraging brain development, studies have
shown that children with lower levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) in
their blood do better at mental and motor ability tests.

And the opportunity for you to learn how and to acquire this amazing gift
– a forever gift for your baby – with all its healing benefits, is now
available for you. PranaSol is offering Baby Massage Instruction Workshops
– for Mamas, Papas, Grandparents… and carers too! This month’s Baby
Massage Instruction Workshop on 25th is almost fully booked but due to an
overwhelming response, the next Baby Massage Instruction Workshop will run
in October. Places are limited so if you would like to give your baby the
opportunity to be happier, healthier, smarter and have more inner calm
contact to reserve your place… I look forward to
hearing from you.

Wishing you a superb September… and Essential Health and Happiness

Emma PranaSol