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    Get Fit Or Die Trying

    It’s been a month since we started training with Tim and Leon of Tim
    Gold Fitness and already we feel the difference. The variety of
    training as much as the personal approach with the guys is probably
    what has struck us the most. The training tales place at their
    stunning villa, where everything they need to put us through our paces
    is there. The one thing that has struck me about our sessions is how
    fast they go, the guys make it interesting and with the odd bit of
    banter flying back and forward throughout the workout, they are also

    Tom Gold Fitness

    Week one saw us enjoying resistance training for the first time. After a
    proper stretch, which starts every session, we get to work. Using towels
    and their own strength, they put us through a variety of exercises. The
    bicep curl for example sees us grip the towel and work against their
    resistance to complete the curl and on the way down, provide out own
    resistance to stop them returning to the starting position easily, hence
    the name of the training I guess. We adopt the same routine with every
    exercise, meaning we are working twice as hard as we would be just
    lifting weights in the gym. As well as the resistance aspect of the work
    out, there is also an emphasis put on improving balance and when the
    workout is completed we stretch for a good 15 mins, another discipline
    that is important at Tim Gold fitness. It’s an enjoyable workout, one
    that flies by but also one where you know you are working hard.

    Tom Gold Training

    Week two and we are up on the roof of the stunning Gold villa and the
    view is spectacular. We can see right across the countryside and over to
    Dalt Villa. This session we will be working mainly on Body Balance and
    stretching. Tim takes the first session and runs us through some tricky
    balance enhancing exercises. This is another example of what sets Tim
    Gold fitness apart from other training regimes, the variety of the
    training is important, we are only in our second week and we are
    covering a discipline that I have never tried before in all the years I
    have been flitting in and out of gyms. The personal interaction is
    clearly an important one and it adds motivation to get the work out done
    properly. Leon takes over for the second part of the session and gives
    us several great stretching exercises. It’s clear we have to work on our
    balance and stretching techniques but, even at our level, we feel the
    benefit immediately.

    Week three and we move from the main gym area around the pool to the
    tennis court below, where Tim has laid out a circuits course. Eight
    different exercises in the rotation to be done twice. Luckily it’s not
    the hottest day in Ibiza and there is a good bit of cloud cover, Tim
    informs us that he likes using the circuits but the weather in the
    height of the season restricts the use of them. Circuits’ works
    everything, obviously the core takes the brunt of the exercise but using
    the TRX we also work chest and back and with the ropes, we are
    challenged to pull Tim towards us, not the easiest thing as he is
    pulling away from us at the same time! Some sprints in between the cones
    break up the pain slightly, although they do leave is out of breath and
    finishing up with abdominal stretching sit ups as Tim throws the
    medicine ball at us just about finishes us off! This session is a much
    tougher cardio work out that the others and, once again, provides more

    Tim Gold Training
    Tim Gold Training

    Week four sees us return to the tennis court for a slight variation on
    the circuits for the first half of the session before Leon takes over
    for some kick boxing. The circuits incorporate some of the exercises
    from the previous session so we have a good idea what we are doing,
    although there are a few abdominal exercises thrown into to the mix. The
    scissors, using then TRX and stretching our abs is a personal favourite,
    he says sarcastically. The interaction between us and Tim and Leon while
    we are training really adds to the experience, we work hard throughout
    but enjoy a bit of banter along the way. It adds a competitive edge to
    the training and makes us work that bit harder. They do get involved in
    the exercises too, so they are not just standing around barking orders
    at us for an hour. Next up, after a not so gentle circuit warm up, we
    head upstairs to the side of the pool for some basic kickboxing. But not
    before we do some preparatory stretching first. We work on some punches
    before adding them together to make a combination, then the same with
    kicks, before having a full range of movements. Leo holds the pads and
    doesn’t look too worried when I am attacking. It’s fair to say that he
    braces himself much more when he’s on the end of some punches and kicks
    from Charlie!

    Tim Gold Training
    Tim Gold Training

    Our first month of training has flown in, a combination of a great
    variety of sessions and the craziness of closing party season, where
    time disappears. As Ibiza settles down to post summer calm, Tim and Leon
    are preparing diet plans and looking to step our training up to three
    sessions a week. Their personal approach to training is refreshing, they
    have a vested interest in making sure that we perform well every time we
    train, and the programme that they construct will deliver the results
    that we are looking for, if we stick to the regime. When you see the
    amount of effort that they put in on our behalf, there is extra
    motivation to make sure we live up to their expectations, for me, this
    is the sign of a great training relationship. Watch this space…

    Tim Gold Training
    Tim Gold Training
    Tim Gold Training
    Tim Gold Training