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I have to be honest, Iain is really impressing me at the moment. Seeing as
Victor keeps himself in shape I expected him to be in good form for this,
but as Iain probably wouldn’t be used to this type of session I was
guessing there would be a casualty.

I was mistaken.

It was full on from the word go in the first session of the week. I had it
in mind that I wanted to push these guys to the Max. All the introductions
are over now, the standard and fitness levels are climbing high, there is
no reason anymore to hold back with this team. We want results and I am
going to make them sweat to get them.

Skipping to warm up with push ups at random shouts got the heart rate up
and sweat dripping. Boxing stamina drills such as Burpees into Boxing
stance, powering out a Jab Cross and back down into the start position
went on for 3 mins. Each set of exercises was finished with a minimum of
10 press ups before moving on to other drills. Jab, Cross sit ups, 3 mins
speed skipping then technical drills before light sparing (I even took a
jab off Iain right in the kisser but kept my cool and tried to calm my
reflexes as I felt my right hook winding up!)

Without letting up it was more push ups followed by Interval Training on
the Heavy Bag.

30 Seconds On 30 Seconds Off bottomless pit rounds, I thought they were
going to drop but they stayed strong

Just when they thought it was over it was another 3 Min round of skipping
followed by an quick and painful Ab’s Attack.

With no blood shed I am only more excited about the oncoming weeks

After that session let’s see how they survive my “Physco Circuit” on

Brian Talbot

Personal Trainer, M Wellness Ibiza