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    Existential Rudder

    (Ibiza Through the Eyes of a Barefoot Doctor)

    May in Ibiza lives up to its implications – this may happen, that may
    happen – the field of possibilities is fecund and already splashed
    wantonly about with the colors and fragrances of a symphony of

    The softly cloaked silence of winter now fully sloughed off, the island
    wakes up like a brazen lotus opening its petals, and on each sits a
    sacred dakini smiling seductively, wearing a bikini, proffering a sense
    anything could happen and almost definitely will.

    Valiantly defying a backdrop of tumbling Euros and spitting volcanoes,
    hotels and rentals rumored booked solid right through the summer,
    portending the most vibrantly rammed season in living memory, the
    anticipation here is understandably palpable.

    Deals are being struck, nights committed to, sound and lighting schemes
    devised, visuals prepared, dance steps drilled, voices and instruments
    tuned, laptops fired up and booster rockets armed at the ready.

    In the face of this unprecedented passage, discreet, radical changes and
    benign transformations are beginning to blossom: not just the subtle
    shift in flavor from London to Berlin informing the sub-current of the
    rhythms, not just the soft swing towards more sophisticated settings but
    something deeper in the consciousness informing all of it.

    People feel something waking up within and it’s palpable: a universal
    spirit urging its way progressively more insistently through each of us.
    And if you listen very carefully, somewhere in the infinitesimal gap
    between compressed and gated kick drum and hi-hat, you’ll feel it wake
    up in you too.You don’t even have to be on the island to pick up the
    beat but it helps.

    And if you are, tune in here at all times, frequently, regularly, where
    this Barefoot Doctor will be at your service providing an existential
    rudder and news of my own and other universally spirited events,
    existential experiments on the dance-floor I’d like to share with you.

    Over and out.

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