Essential Spinning

10 Push ups is the crime for being late as Iain, Jaime and Charlie have
realised. They came in with some sob story about being stuck in “Traffic”.
In Ibiza???

With Victor nice and early and already in the pool the Essential Team got
in and it was game on!

We kicked off the session lightly with Jamiroquai’s “Deeper Underground”
and started the warm up. Everyone seemed a little lost at first which was
acceptable as this was new to them. Even though this is Spinning, which
you would expect to only be using your legs, we start with our arms in the

Moving onto The Prodigy “3 Kilos” we start to move up and down and below
the water (heads above) to stretch out the legs and warm up those Quad and
Hamstring muscles.

In came Nuyorican Soul’s “Runaway” to brighten the mood, a song that was
lost on young Jaime and then Vampires Weekend “A Punk” to pick up the

Bang!! In came Chemical Brothers “Block Rocking Beats” and it was away we
go, legs spinning, arms pumping infront of the body, pushing the water
back and forth, side to side then behind and back again, The noise of
splashing water and deep slap bass riff keep the tempo up and the workout

We slow it down with an old house classic Sub Sub feat Melanie Williams
“Ain’t no love (ain’t no use)” before jumping off the side of the bikes to
really work on the arms using the handlebars and the saddle as a dipping
machine. With one leg out infront and the other down without touching the
pool floor the guys are bobbing up and down to Carl Cox’s remix of Three
Drives “Greece 2000″

Then we get the legs to start splashing up and down to create a huge
square Jacuzzi and the pool comes alive. Nirvana’s “Been a Son” and then
GnR’s “Sweet Child O’Mine” get Iain and Charlie singing along to the
Chorus, even Jaime and he was born in 1990!!!

We then stepped it up and started spinning with and Old Skool Hardcore
Classic from Altern8 “Evapor8″ and it was heads down and legs on the move.
Push, push, push and no stopping until the break where we calmed down for
no more than a minute and it was full steam ahead once more this time
bringing arms into the action. Double 99’s “RIP Groove” just for some fun
and then the last hard push for the day with the Drum and Bass smasher
from Logistics “Inside My Soul” kicking around at 175bpm it was a sure
fire tune for these boys to get moving, Jaime did just that as he needed
to bring his bike back into position having push a metre forward.

A running private joke for Iain in the tune of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of
Fire” brings the session to an end and the team seem relieved. Air’s “All
I need” to stretch and cool down and then it’s a well earned Sauna and
Steam room before Juice number 3 for the day!

Day 5 of the detox for Iain, Charlie and Victor and I am super impressed
with their energy! Keep it up boys, almost there!!!!!!

Brian Talbot

Personal Trainer @ M Wellness Ibiza 971 33 8840