Detox Rocks!

    Three juices into the seven day detox and I’m feeling remarkably fresh, no
    hunger pangs as such so far, just finished the first training session and
    still in one piece. Victor thinks that the exercise has gone to my head
    and I’m making words up but I’m assuring him ‘pangs’ is a legitimate word!
    MWellness in Santa Eularia is the Gym that not only makes the delicious
    and nutritious juices that will be feasting on for the next seven days but
    also the place that Brian Talbot, chef/personal fitness trainer, will be
    putting us through our paces over the next 12 weeks. As you can see from
    the before pictures, some of us need a bit more work than others oh and
    before anyone asks, yes i do sometimes take my top off in the sun, I’m
    Scottish it takes me the month to go from blue to white!

    Todays work out, according to Brian, who trained as a chef under Gordon
    Ramsay and who, we are pleased to report has none of his aggressive bad
    habits, is a light one! Tell that to my thighs and calf’s, which, as i am
    writing this, gulping down my 6 o’clock juice, are throbbing! Some basic
    boxing moves, some circuits and then upstairs for some TRX, if that’s
    light we are not looking good for normal to heavy!

    Victor has been running regularly for the past few months so he is in good
    shape and Jaimie is 21, enough said! Between us we huffed, puffed, sweated
    but, for the most part, smashed today’s session. After a sauna and
    ridiculously cold ice shower (yes, I am aware that it is meant to be
    ridiculously cold) we chill out in the MWellness lounge and talk tactics.
    While 12 weeks is not a long time, lets see if we can get through the next
    seven days without eating first! Game on…