Day Three

Day three of the MWellness Detox (said in a broad Geordie accent,
circa BIg Brother) and i’m feeling quite pleased with myself. Almost
halfway there, headache and dizziness gone and not feeling the hunger
pangs as much. Second session at the gym with Brian and Charlie
Chester has joined the three amigos, as has Kelly, owner of the gym.
After some ‘light’ warm up incorporating loads of jumping around,
running in circles and some pad work, it’s up stairs to the ‘circuit
of doom’. Nine exercises designed to test our strength as well as our
resolve, everything from skipping to ab crunching sit ups, shoulder
press and press ups on the TRX machine, Brian is not kidding around
today! Two circuits nailed and it’s clear we are done. Sauna and steam
room followed by a breathtaking (literally) ice shower and we’re
relaxing in the Gym’s outdoor lounge enjoying the best juice so far,
yoghurt based with bananas, nice! Next up, thursday and the weekend is
almost upon us! I’d be lying if i said I hadn’t started debating what
to have for breakfast Monday, i’m thinking pizza, curry or sushi. Any
ideas? No need to answer Brian i have a feeling you might not