Day Four And Five

    Apologies for the lack of blogging yesterday, busy day at Essentialibiza
    HQ. day four was not a great one, felt a bit light headed most of the day
    and had a blinder of a headache last night. So much so that i had to give
    up my access all areas pass for the Pure Pacha All Gone Ushuaia gig,
    featuring Usher. On the plus side, the boys had a free bar and all the
    sushi, one of my favourite dishes, that they could eat, so probably a good
    thing i missed it.

    Day five and i woke nice and early, had a great sleep and managed to get
    rid of the sore head. Aqua spin is the name of the game today and given
    that i can almost see the finish line, i’m feeling pretty good about
    myself. I first saw the MWellness aqua bikes last summer and wanted to
    have a go then so this afternoon’s session should be fun. First juice goes
    down nicely, not much of a surprise there, the second juice, however, is
    an odd burgundy colour, not filling me with confidence and it tastes as
    good as it looks! My kingdom for a burger!

    Last minute adjustments to a new article going live on Essentialibiza and
    i’m out the door late. Why is that that when you have somewhere to be all
    the lights go against you and you are always stuck behind some huge
    vehicle going extremely slow. Late arrival is not acceptable so we have
    ten press up’s before we even get inside the building!

    Aqua spin is great fun, the tunes are helping with the pain and the water
    helps keep the body temperature in check. It’s great fun and hard work but
    the hour flies by. Getting out the pool is an unusual experience, light
    headed and with legs that weigh a ton, makes for a comedy moment!

    Two more juices to down tonight and then we’re on the penultimate day. I
    had my MOnday planned out, from breakfast to supper before Brian informs
    us that he will be suggesting Mondays menu to ease our digestive system
    back into the game and maximize the week of abstention that we have just
    undergone. Spoil sport!