Circuits Of Doom

    Getting back into training after a few days back in the UK and a missed
    session or two is always going to be a sore one, add the all night session
    on the booze after Chase and Status at Ibiza Rocks and the task just got
    tricky. As luck would have it, this weeks Friday session is the ‘Circuit
    Of Doom’, dreading it could be the understatement of the year! Eight
    different exercises, one minute flat out on each with a minute or two
    break in between, this could get messy.

    Brian is far too happy at the difficulty that we are having with the first
    circuit, he hasn’t mentioned it but you know he got that “I’ll teach you
    to go out and smash it on a week night” thing going on. Pacha Classics are
    booming out of the speakers, at least we have some good tunes to keep us
    going. Bunny jumps over a high bench are not doing me any favours and not
    long after we start the second circuit, Jaimie (21 yrs old for the record)
    has to run downstairs to the toilet. If he had actually had any breakfast
    he reliably informs us that he would have brought it up. Nice!

    We covered everything from press-ups, to shoulder press, triceps, biceps,
    upper back, core and abs and perfected our skipping for good measure. Not
    be too long before we are negotiating the bumps! It was a tough one to
    come back to but well worth it after we had finished. Now for the toughest
    test, to stay off the drink until Mondays session. What’s the chances?

    If anyone sees Victor can you ask him where he was…