Circuit Breaker

    Another day, another circuits session and possibly our biggest challenge
    to date. One minute on each exercise, 30 seconds rest in between means we
    are properly grafting. The fact that it’s the hottest day of the year only
    adds to the enjoyment!

    We’re six weeks into our training schedule (I think) and there is a marked
    difference in our performance. Thinking back to the first week where we
    struggled to complete one circuit of what was a much easier course, I’m
    happy to report that we completed three circuits, you could have filled a
    pint glass with the sweat in my top right enough. Ibiza Rocks two days
    before circuits is not the best planning!

    I’m happy with my circuits performance, I managed to complete three
    circuits and didn’t really struggle with any of the exercises, not that
    I’m saying they were easy, far from it, but I’m feeling I’m better
    equipped now that when we first started the training. I can feel a
    progression, next up we will be attempting the boxing circuits, maybe I
    won’t be so chipper writing about them!

    Given that I am the Essentialibiza guinea pig, stay tuned for my blog on
    the Body Sculpture and Eurowave treatments available at MWellness, the
    equivalent of 300 sit ups while you lie on the bed watching TV, you know
    there was not much persuasion needed to get me involved in this right!