Celebrate Life

May 1ST gave us two reasons to celebrate: the official start of the
Ibiza summer season and a bank holiday in celebration of the day of the
worker. For some it’s the only ‘day off’ they will have until October.
For others it signifies that their summer holiday will soon be upon

Either way, we really should be celebrating more. That doesn’t necessarily
meaning quaffing champagne for breakfast (although that’s an absolutely
fabulous way to celebrate) but being grateful for what we have and
‘celebrating’ it. The true meaning of ‘celebrate’ derives from to ‘honour,
glorify and applaud’. Everything from the sun, moon and stars in the sky
to the earth under your feet, is a cause for celebration. The more you
celebrate what you have, the more you will have to celebrate: this is
gratitude. And happiness is a naturally occurring by-product of gratitude.
It is possible to even be grateful for what may appear to be negative
situations. It would not be unusual to view making a mistake as a negative
act. However, mistakes help to improve one’s life, in order to learn by
them. Life’s challenges all enhance your life experience. Sadness helps
one appreciate the spectrum of human emotion and even heartbreak helps a
person to mature. All of life’s episodes enable us to grow. Even
disappointment can be turned around, as it will enable you to realise what
really matters the most.

A quick exercise to help you practice gratitude is to make a list of five
new things you are grateful for at the end of each day. Five things in
your life that give you cause for celebration. Before you know it, you’ll
be grateful for everything and struggling to choose only five things! Here
in Ibiza we have countless causes for celebration: the island is beautiful
beyond measure; we are surrounded by beautiful beaches, sparkling sea and
uncorrupted countryside. We are swathed in abundance. And these are only
some of the things that the nature here provides before we even mention
what Ibiza is best known for… Most importantly, we have the freedom to
enjoy all of this – which is something that we should be really grateful

Wishing you a great (grateful) May and Essential Health and Happiness

Emma PranaSol