Burn 800kcals + with Kick Boxing @ M Wellness

A great turn out today @ the 2pm Kick Boxing with a class full of all
levels and all ages.

With just enough room for us all it was a few rounds of skipping to get us
warmed up before moving into dynamic and static stretches and then rounds
of partner push ups to  clap and locked leg sit ups.

We then stayed partnered up and the big boys padded up and went round
after round in leg and punch combos while the other 3 partners went
through a series of new techniques and different attacking and defensive

At 3pm it was circuit time

2 on the Tear Drop Bag a minute a piece

2 on the Heavy Bag a minute a piece

2 on the Floor for 1 Min Push ups 1 Min Sit ups

and 2 Skipping for 2 Min

They all nailed it 2 times over, but we still had our ab’s circuit to
finish off with, and then the cries of pain were suddenly gone and the
class was done!

Same time Tuesday!

Kick Boxing @ M Wellness is every Tuesday and Thursday @ 2pm-3:30pm

1st Class is free then each is 6€ for Members 9€ for non-members.

Brian Talbot

Personal Trainer M Wellness Ibiza +34 971 33 88 40