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    Boxing Clever

    What better way to shake the cobwebs of the weekend loose than a
    gruelling boxing session at MWellness? I’m thinking a few hours on the
    beach might have been a much more attractive proposition but it wouldn’t
    have made us feel better, would it? Our training has gone up a gear,
    either that or we are getting less fit as time goes on. Friday’s
    circuits were painful, much more painful than the last circuits we did
    and as we start our warm up skip Brian informs us that it’s time to step
    it up a bit.

    Jaime, after failing miserably on Friday, hasn’t trapped so it’s just
    Victor and myself left for Brian to concentrate his efforts on! We go
    through a variety of sparring techniques, constantly dropping into press
    ups just in case we tried to catch our breath at any point. Victor and i
    are let loose on each other, throwing combinations, trying to knock each
    others guard down before the bag becomes the object of our aggression.
    Just as we reach that point where we can hardly hold our arms up any
    more, we are treated to some ab work. You’ve got to hand it to these
    boxers, they have to be in incredible shape before they get in the ring,
    luckily for us that is a long way off yet.