Back In The Game

After a week back in the UK, where i did no training but did watch
what i was eating, and then the debacle of forgetting to reset my
clock to Spanish time and missing the Wednesday session – fail – it
was time to get back down to business and what better way to
reintegrate myself to the training group than with Aqua Spin. Yes, you
heard me correctly, aqua spin, on specially designed Italian bikes, in
the pool for 50 mins of gruelling but enjoyable and ultimately
satisfying graft to a soundtrack that verged on the pink and fluffy at
times before morphing into some nineties rock before the dreaded 2
million beats per minute drum & Bass! 50 mins in the gym after
spin and i’m good to go, no guesses what i’ll be walking like for the
next couple of days but it feels good to get back into it. 2 boiled
eggs and a fruit infused salad to follow before Ibiza old town for
dinner tonight. Life sucks! Have a great weekend slackers! Oh and for
those that are thinking it, i am not in the toilet in my profile pic,
it’s the weigh in, shame on you!