Autumn In Ibiza

Autumn. It’s here. Well, in an Ibiza Autumn kind of way. The clocks
have gone back, the mornings are lighter, the evenings are darker and
despite sunbathers on the beach and mid 20C lunch time temperatures, the
autumn leaves are falling and it really is autumn. And how awesome is

Balmy nights and breezy days allow us a leisurely lead up to the Ibiza
winter (and the C-word) but it’s often only the viruses and bugs that like
the disparity between the night temperatures. The easiest way to stay
healthy and happy through autumn (and a practice we all too often become
misaligned from) is to follow nature! Do like nature does! If you have a
pet dog or a cat, you’ll notice in the autumn they eat more, sleep more
and go outside when it’s sunniest!

In matters of health, prevention is better than cure. Simple precautionary
steps can be taken in order to keep germs at bay. By washing your hands
more often, you are eliminating the opportunity for germs to spread and by
covering your mouth when you sneeze or cough. Ditto if someone sneezes or
coughs in your direction!

Drink more water. Not only will this help flush out any germs that might
be looming, but it also aids digestion and balances the stomach’s pH
enabling you to gain the optimum nutrition from your food and in turn
absorb into your system. And talking of food – think rainbow! The bigger
variety of coloured fruit and vegetables you provide your body with, the
bigger the range of vitamins and minerals you will be getting. Remember
local produce contains more nutritional value as it’s fresher – and in
Ibiza we are spoilt with local market produce.

Autumn is a great time to experiment with ‘superfoods’ – this is not just
media hype – they are called ‘superfoods’ for the same reason ‘Superman’
is called Superman – it is all about the special powers! One of my
favourite is garlic which is a natural antibiotic (and therefore does more
than just keep the vampires away!)

And if you are feeling slightly below par, vitamin and mineral supplements
are a great way to strengthen your immune system, boost defences and
energy levels. The easiest way to kick-start energy levels is to do some
exercise. A brisk walk in nature increases your oxygen levels and
reacquaints you with the island’s autumn beauty.

Finally, sleep! Sleep is often underrated when it comes to health. Not
getting enough zzz’s can make you more susceptible to catching a virus. An
extra few hours (ideally going to sleep earlier) can keep illness at bay –
so if you think you are coming down with something get into bed earlier
and be happier and healthier. Early nights are the new going out!

Wishing you all an awesome autumn… and Essential Health and Happiness

Emma PranaSol