Aqua Spin

    Yes you guessed it, it’s spin but in the pool! With specially designed
    Italian bikes, MWellness is at the forefront of keeping fit with their
    Aqua Spin classes and the essentialibiza team are about to feel the splash
    as Brian decides this will be our workout today. With a carefully chosen
    soundtrack booming out of the surround sound system, from requests we have
    been firing at him all week, we are good to go.

    Jamiroquai is going ‘Deeper Underground’ as we begin the session, lightly
    at first to get used to the feeling of cycling under water. The pedal
    straps dig into to my feet so I am given a pair of rubber shoes to wear,
    for some reason I am now imagining going to an interview with them on in
    my swimming shorts! Don’t ask!

    The pace picks up and we compliment the pedalling with some arm work,
    using the water for resistance, as the pace picks up, so does the music,
    Prodigiy ‘3 Kilos’ and Chemical Brothers ‘Block Rockin’ Beats’ are only
    some of the nuggets on the carefully prepared play list. This is hard work
    but enjoyable, the music helps and the fact that you are kept cool by the
    water splashing on you constantly, thanks in no small part to Jaimie who
    thinks he’s back at school and pushing water in my direction!

    With various exercises utilizing the water in between the sprints the
    class flies by and the session ends with some manic drum & bass and a
    burst for the finish line. We’ve gone from Jamiroquai to Logistic through
    Guns and Roses, Nirvana, Double 99 and Sub Sub and as we get out of the
    pool I begin to feel it. My legs weigh a ton and putting one in front of
    the other is a challenge. Great work out and a lot of fun in the process,
    looking forward to another session of Aqua Spin in the near future.