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So crazy changeable April weather is upon us and the smell of summer is in
the air, days are longer, energies are stronger and both tourists and
summer residents are beginning to arrive on the island. Summer billboards
will be up before we can blink!

Preparing for the summer means different things to different people.
Whether you are preparing for a weekend or the length of the Ibiza summer
season, here are a few Essential Ibiza health and happiness tips to help
make it an even healthier and happier one.

Agua! Ensure that your intake of water is always optimum. That way when
the summer heat peaks you will be accustomed to drinking a minimum of 1.5
litres of water per day and keeping dehydration at bay. Aside from clarity
of mind, keeping internal organs working effectively and efficiently and
maintaining a clearer complexion, the most useful benefit of optimum
hydration is that it will keep you naturally energised.

Back in 1999 Baz Luhrmann dispensed advice with ‘Everybody’s Free (To Wear
Sunscreen)’. Today it is still excellent advice (along with many more of
the lyrics). We need to adapt to our climate changing and the increasing
strength of the sun’s rays. Poco a poco (little by little) is the way to
tan your skin. The boiled lobster look only looks good on boiled lobsters
(or does it!?). The siesta has been part of the Spanish culture for
centuries in order to protect us from the sun during the heat of the
day… so when in Rome, as they say or in this case, when in Ibiza no need
to prove Noël Coward right!

Which nicely brings me onto the next subject, Sleep. The way that the
Ibiza summer lifestyle is designed, it is totally possible to get your
daily quota of 7 hours, though most often, just not consecutively. Siestas
and disco naps are the way forward to maintain essential Ibiza health and
happiness during the summer months. Scientists have proved siestas aid
memory consolidation (recommending ninety minutes), but siesta-ing simply
to revive and refresh body, mind and spirit is an even better reason.

Summer in Ibiza can be a frenetic time, so don’t spread yourself too thin.
Balance in all things is the key to maintaining health and happiness.
Including psychologically. FOMO (fear of missing out) is more than an
acronym; it’s a psychological disorder according to the New York Times. It
is what last century was defined as ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ but has
been magnified by this century’s modern technology as we are increasingly
spoon feed constant comparison with endless electronic updates. The key to
health and happiness is to run your own race.

Wishing you a great April and Essential Health and Happiness always.
Emma PranaSol

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