Sol den Serra Ibiza

    Sol Den Serra is another one of those Ibiza gems that is slightly more
    challenging than a normal beach experience but ultimately more rewarding
    because of this. At the end of the road to Cala Llonga turn right down a
    dirt track and you’ll be met with a view across the bay of Sol Den Serra
    that will take your breath away.

    The beach is covered in large pebbles but there is a sand based floor in
    the sea slightly further out and if you can negotiate the pebbles you
    will enjoy swimming in the clear blue waters with little interruption
    from other swimmers.

    Amante is the restaurant overlooking the bay, with it’s own sand and
    beach beds if you fancy a more traditional sunbathing experience in very
    cool surroundings. Owned by Azuli records boss Dave Piccioni and Lewis
    Lenssen, it is a popular hang out of celebrities and some of the cooler