Benirras Ibiza

Benirras is probably best known for the drummers that descend on the
beach to celebrate the sunset but there
is much more to this gem. A ten-minute picturesque drive from
San Miguel through some
breathtaking hills and valleys brings you to a small car park, at the
height of the season it can be very busy so getting there early is
always advisable, to prevent a long walk to the

The beach itself is made up of gravelly sand and pebbles, covering the
walk into the crystal clear sea, which makes it is another popular spot
for snorkelling. The view from the sheltered bay is dramatic, with
unusual rock formations piercing the bright blue skyline. Small
motorboats and private yachts anchor in the bay, all vying for the best
spot to enjoy the setting of the sun.

As sunset approaches the legendary bongo drummers of Benirras assemble
and begin their homage to another sun soaked day on the island, reaching
a crescendo as the sun finally disappears beneath the horizon. If you
have a vehicle then Benirras is an Ibiza must.