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For those of you who might not be familiar with the name Colin Butts (where have you been living!) he is possibly best know for novel ‘Is Harry On The Boat’, that was later made into film before becoming a TV series. Two subsequent novels followed, ‘Is Harry Still On The Boat?’ and ‘A Bus Could Run You Over’. He is also one of the men behind successful San An bars Plastik and newly named Pukka Up Bar, not to mention the soon to be opened Plastik Beach in Playa D’en Bossa. For those who are familiar with Colin, you will have no doubt giggled uncontrollably at some of his Facebook rants at one point, like we have. We thought it was about time his razor sharp wit was shared with our community. In the first of a series of ‘ifs & butts’ bloggs, Colin deals with his Facebook addiction and subsequent tourettes…

Autumn In Ibiza

Autumn. It’s here. Well, in an Ibiza Autumn kind of way. The clocks have gone back, the mornings are lighter, the evenings are darker and despite sunbathers on the beach and mid 20C lunch time temperatures, the autumn leaves are falling and it really is autumn. And how awesome is autumn?

Body Fat!

The first thing I ask our new clients when they enter the gym is “what is your goal?” Most will say they just want to lose their belly and ask me for abdominal exercises. Let’s get this right straight away, if you’re carrying extra weight around the mid section no matter how many sit-ups you do you WILL NOT lose that belly.
Abdominals come by hard work outside the gym, IN THE KITCHEN.

The Mystery Of Weight Management | Tim Gold Fitness | Ibiza Blog

Tim and Leon Gold know a thing or two about keeping fit, maintaining a good fitness regime, nutrition and pretty much everything else that comes with living a healthy, balanced life. The TimGold Fitness concept that brought them to Ibiza has become one of the most popular personal training services on the island, with clients from all over the island dropping into their villa gym for a session. Having experienced their techniques previously, the Essential team listens whenever they offer any kind of training or eating advice so when they told us they had a new system that could work out an individuals metabolism, we felt it our duty to share this information with you…