A Day In The Life Of – Ibiza Bars

Caf� Mambo is probably the most well-known beach bar in the world; home to
stunning sunsets on a nightly basis, the official pre-party for some of
clublands biggest brands and generally a cool place to spend some time and
relax. We caught up with some of the staff to get an idea pf a typical

The day at Caf� Mambo begins at around 11am. Peaceful and serene with only
a hint of the hours to come, the sun shines on the terrace while the sea
glitters with promise. People drift lazily down to enjoy a coffee or two
and survey the forthcoming day. The gentle hum of quiet conversation and
the buzz of the fresh coffee machine are all you’ll hear until the
caffeine kicks in and the echoes of the previous night are shaken.

Around Brunch time the first strains of Balearic chill music begins to
coast across the airwaves, and the nearby rocks become a haven for those
seeking the sun. People begin a slow meander along the promenade, nothing
too exerting, and stop by for a refreshing drink. Freshly squeezed orange
juice or a fresh fruit smoothie to shake off the previous night’s excess.

The Lunchtime flow begins as people steadily trickle down to the sea
front, seeking respite from a busy morning or meeting up with friends to
grab a bite to eat. From sandwiches to salads and breakfasts to burgers,
light or substantial, the contemporary menu suits everyone.

Afternoons are for freewheeling – languid and relaxed – enjoying the
moment, checking in with friends, keeping in touch with the real world
through the free wi-fi or lounging on a sun bed, cocktail in hand, all set
to a true Balearic soundtrack.

Post Siesta, around 6pm, people begin to gravitate once again to the
terrace at Caf� Mambo, like moths to a flame, the irresistible allure of
the sunset beckons. Crowds begin to amass on the beach and sunset
galleries. The chilled out beats become more up-tempo and as the
spectators gather the spectacle that is a Caf� Mambo sunset begins.
Celebrating the demise of the scorching rays for another day the DJ plays
homage to the sun, blending chilled out classics with soulful rhythms, and
as the sun finally sets the solemnity is eclipsed with raucous applause.
An authentic sunset ceremony.

Darkness falls and the decks are surrendered to the DJ elite. The likes of
Pete Tong, Roger Sanchez and Paul Oakenfold have regularly graced the
Mambo decks and the busy bar and terrace is at full throttle. Ibiza comes
to life as the fashionable elite rub shoulders with local colour and the
Balearic circus is in full swing. The revellers party on until the early
hours of the morning, relishing the funky beats and the close proximity of
their favourite DJs before moving on to one of the superclubs, where they
can dance until dawn, infused with the Mambo Spirit.

As the die hard party goers melt away into the night and the doors are
gently closed, preparations begin for the forthcoming day, and as dawn
draws nearer the now quietly slumbering Caf� dreams about the imminent
sunrise� a new day begins in the life of Caf� Mambo.